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Or, how it all got started : The Brief Version 

(For the total interesting tale that goes back almost 40 years, go to  Story Behind the Pamphlet)

In 2014, after years of a strong desire to help others better understand the Catholic Mass, and what might have been a few interventions directed from above (click here to read The Story Behind The Pamphlet), the author was inspired to publish the “Perfect Sense” pamphlet.  It was originally printed on a simple white background with a cover and back page image.  The pamphlets were made possible through a donation from a church member friend who paid for the first one-thousand pamphlets to be printed.


From 2014 through 2018, the author was inundated with requests for the pamphlet from locations throughout the United States as well as from parts of South Africa and Australia.  To date, over 10,000 pamphlets have been distributed to these destinations mostly through donations by benefactors purchasing pamphlets for churches, groups, family and friends to read, share or display.


In April of 2016, the pamphlet was published as an article on a mainstream Catholic website and was the number one read article for that entire week.  Since then, the author has published other articles explaining the Catholic Mass and the Catholic Faith, and on several occasions, has been asked to speak on these topics to small Church groups. Because the popularity of the pamphlet continued to grow, the author was interviewed on two prominent Catholic radio stations in different parts of the country.


In December of 2018, at the request of multiple Catholic school administrators, an “Imprimatur” and “nihil obstat” was granted by the local Bishop and is now displayed on the inside of the front cover.  The “nihil obstat” and “imprimatur” are official declarations from the Catholic Church that a publication is free of doctrinal error and is true to the Church’s teaching on faith and morals.  This was a significant step because it enabled the pamphlet to be utilized in an official capacity within the Church’s education, committees and functions.


As a result of the pamphlet’s success and the granting of the “Imprimatur” and “nihil obstat”, we have refreshed the pamphlet to a parchment look on medium weight glossy paper, in an easy to carry half-page size.  In addition, two more powerful images were added to the existing ones on the cover and back page to help the reader visualize the importance of the Mass.


We are currently working on translations of the pamphlet for Catholics attending the Spanish Mass, the Polish Mass and the Italian Mass.  We are also working on a Catholic Mass Study Guide to complement the pamphlet.  This Catholic Mass Guide will assist the reader or small group leader to explain the “Perfect Sense” presentation in greater detail, using references from the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.


Learning of the success that the pamphlet continues to achieve, the official newspaper of EWTN, The National Catholic Register, reached out and conducted a 45 minute interview with the author in February 2019.  The pamphlet will be featured in an upcoming article about the decline in Mass attendance across the United States. 


To read articles or access audio and videos from the author, please visit


Since we are not a non-profit organization, we have worked diligently to keep the price of the pamphlet as low as possible.  This way it can be easily purchased and distributed to others.  We do hope that you enjoy and share this pamphlet and should you wish to contact us with any thoughts or suggestions for improvement, please email us at:

Your Friends at Catholic Made Simple

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