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  • Michael McCormick Sr

Questions Along The Way

There is so much about the Mass and the Catholic Faith that was not always explained by the people around us as we were growing up. Just as the author of the Perfect Sense Pamphlet experienced, being asked what seemed to be a simple question, was not so simple, and he quickly found out that he didn't know the answer. So too it is for us that have had questions risen up about our faith that we were not able to answer.

Often times each one of us as, we learned about our faith, have either endured without an answer or received an answer that did not make sense.

Whether when we attended a Parochial school full time, were dropped off once a week at Catechism, or when our parents tried to explain the Catholic Faith to us at home, questions remained. They would not be ignored but rather pushed down the road, with the excuse that the topic would be fully addressed in a later lesson.

How many of you feel that this is what has happened to you and the questions that were never answered about our faith still remain?

What are some of those questions that you would like to share? We will ask the author of the Perfect Sense pamphlet to help provide those answers as we travel down this path towards understanding and enlightenment together. Until then,

Your Friends at Catholic Made Simple


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