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Simplifying the Catholic Faith to demonstrate its beauty and its power at transforming our lives according to God's plan for each one of us


National Radio News!

The author of the pamphlet was asked to speak Thursday the 1st of August on WSFI Catholic Radio in Chicago.  This was the second time since 2018 that the author has been brought on in the afternoon show to talk about the Perfect Sense pamphlet.  In case you missed it, here is the link to that interview:

"Michael McCormick discuses the origins and content of his acclaimed “Perfect Sense” pamphlet"


We finally did it!

The new Blog page is built and available.  We have been busy working with the author of the Pamphlet to create some fantastic Blog material to assist in answering questions that we all have about the Catholic Faith. 


We are now on LinkedIn and Facebook so that you can share the Blog with your friends.  The author completed  writing the Story Behind the Pamphlet.  An amazing story that goes back almost 40 years!

We would like to extend a special thanks and welcome to all of the new subscribers that have joined us this week. We look forward to hearing from you in the future and following our Blog

Until then,

Your Friends at Catholic Made Simple

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