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  • Michael McCormick Sr

Origins of Perfect Sense

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

It all started 40 years ago while sitting at the dining room table. A Priest friend of the family asked a question: “Since you have been through 12 years of Catholic education, can you explain to me what benefit there is for you when you attend Sunday Mass?”

He couldn’t answer the question. Since that time he has asked others of the Catholic faith that same question and constantly he gets the same reaction and thought from them as he had back then. It’s no wonder why so many are abandoning the Catholic faith. They have not been given the true Christian message and no one has explained the great benefit it has for them.

Little did he know back then that his question would later make it his mission to disseminate a simple explanation to all those struggling to understand the Catholic Christian message.

Our goal in creating this blog is to help simplify the true meaning of the Mass and the Catholic Faith, by giving you the chance to ask the author, and the author a chance to share more about what he knows and has learned in the years that he studied the Catholic Faith. Until then,

Your Friends at Catholic Made Simple


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